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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Katlynn loves giving kisses to anyone but especially Addie
Addison, however, doesn't like least not hundreds of wet, slobbery kisses given with Katy's tongue (she basically licks your face)!

Katlynn may be small but she's mighty. She definitely has her mom's dominant personality and Addie definitely has her mom and dad's laid-back personalities....

"Dad, look at me, I pinned Addie!"

Addison then started to cry...."Get off of me Katlynn!"
I don't blame her.

Nine Month (about two weeks late)/Professional Christmas Pictures

Katy's nine month pictures were about two weeks late as she was sick the day we were supposed to we just did nine month and Christmas pictures together....

Katlynn 9.5 months and Addision 8 months
AddisonAddie's ornery grin

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Katybug the Ladybug...
Poppy and Katlynn at Boo at the Zoo...

Mammy, Poppy, and Katlynn at Boo at the Zoo

Katy the Ninja....before she donned her ladybug attire

Katlynn and Addison...two bugs....Katlynn, ladybugs don't eat other lady bugs!

Grandma, Grandpa and Katlynn

On the Move

Our little girl is crawling

"Sitting" in her boppy....I had her in her boppy in her room while I was sorting out too small clothes and replacing them with bigger ones when I looked over and this is what she was doing...

She then turned around and proceeded to crawl out of it!

And thought it was funny!

Katlynn doing push ups...

Fun with Poppy

Who's admiring who?

Meal Times

Miscellaneous 9/09-10/09

Katlynn in her new cozy...legs crossed and all!

We have a Jack-in-the Box and a Kate-in-the-basket....

Sleeping and loving her new panda bear Poppy got her in New Jersey
Fun in the jumper

I apparently still don't know how to put on jammies after 8 1/2 months...her leg is in the arm slot!


Pumpkin head!

Wearing daddy's hat!

Katlynn's kisses are nice and slobbery....she licks you!

Chillin' with dad and Bailey