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Monday, June 8, 2009

May 2009: More pictures

Katlynn rolled over from belly to back on June 1st and loves every minute of it. She does it then looks at you until you praise her and then smiles and giggles. She gets almost all the way over from back to belly but can't get her bottom arm out of the way yet! She also started getting her lower two teeth to pop out on June 4th...not near as much fun :(
George Washington? John Adams?
Nope it's Katlynn with a cabbage leaf on her head! She thought this was funny!

Molly cuddling with Katlynn and Daddy

Silly Daddy, rocking horses are for kids!

My uncle Jan made this rocking horse especially for Katlynn. It's beautiful...and hefty! Katlynn is small in comparison

Freshly match mommy!


Her best friend....her binky!

She loves her jumparoo! makes me smile every time!