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Monday, August 17, 2009

Being Silly

Katlynn and Sophie...

She loves hanging upside down.

There's that face again...while she's pulling on Daddy's hair!

And drooling...

First Swim 8-16-09

Katlynn had her first swim today with Daddy at the party....

She loved it!

She started out with a diaper on but then went commando as her diaper got too water logged!

First Boat Ride 8-16-09

Katlynn had her first boat ride today. Her Great-Great Uncle Ken was in from Texas and we had a big party down at Grandma Kiko's.

Here's the Captain of the Ship...Miss Katlynn! She's also making her new favorite face...her wrinkled nose! If you're lucky you'll get to see her amusement as she sniffs her boogers in and out! She thinks it's hilarious (it is).

What a big girl!


Play time

Working on her pincer grasp

She's really not licking her toy...she imitating me sticking out my tongue!

Always smiles!

I swear I didn't do anything mom!

Bath much fun!

Katlynn LOVES bath time! She is all grins when the towel comes out and we go to the bathroom...

We changed to this bathtub because she can sit up in it...but she's learning to scoot so she can lay down in the tub....we'll be in the big tub soon!

Mr. Penguin always is squirting water at her.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eating and Sitting

She doesn't know yet the lesson that is to come....learning to sit! She says....HI MOM!
She thinks learning to sit is funny....

She can "tripod" sit...but the following picture is the result of her first attempt at fully sitting up on her own....

Molly then decided to join her on the pillow...

Molly saying "Mom, please, she's trying to eat me AGAIN!"

Then finally....Ta-Da!!

Nah, mom, the tripod sit is much easier....

Don't worry Katybug...we'll try again tomorrow!

Katlynn has been eating cereal (and loving it) at night for about 3 weeks now as she quit sleeping through the night and was VERY interested in our food...
Now that she's six months we are starting food...
last night we tried sweet potaters

First bite...
Yuck, can't I have my cereal back mom?

Nope, as much as mommy hates it, you have to become a big girl!

Ok, maybe this isn't so bad....
She ended up liking them....and ate....and ate...and ate them!

I'm a big girl!

I love you Katybug!