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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miscellaneous Pictures

Aunt Sis, Nellie, Molly, and Katlynn

You can see how small she was by how big the hat was!

Swaddled up, she's wearing her camo onsie that John bought her..."Major Cutie"

My cousin Addison

Addie is Uncle Jack and Aunt Jenna's baby girl...she was born on March 31st, 2009.

Addie weighed 7lb 14 oz, almost 2 pounds heavier than Katlynn at birth...Katlynn looks like a giant in these pictures compared to Addie. (Katlynn was 9lb 13 oz then).


Her nursery at home is Raggedy Ann and Andy since we didn't know what gender we were going to's perfect! I'll have to put pictures on soon...

his is her nursery at Mammy and Poppy's....they hand painted the murals and stripes on the wall....spoiled? The first picture is the back wall when you are standing in the doorway, I turned clockwise to take the rest of the pictures of the's adorable!

Bath Time

At first she hated her bath...she screamed the whole time. She was much better once we were able to completely immerse her. This was her first bath that she actually smiled and cooed through!


April 12, 2009. 2 months old today! Easter was fun....we woke up and John took her through the house looking for her basket that the Easter Bunny hid....They found it in the hall closet. It was a Longaberger Easter basket with a bear that told nursery rhymes....Katlynn was cranky and didn't sleep all night so we all sat in the cry room at church that morning. We had a busy day going from Grandma Machamer's to Mammy and Poppy's...Mammy and Poppy got Katie her first doll (A Middleton doll) and Grandma Lynn and Grandpa John got her a swing with lots of clothes and goodies.


I could squeeze her tight whenever she gives me this smile!! Nothing warms my heart more!

Daddy & Me

Kisses with Daddy

She definitely already has Daddy wrapped around her tiny fingers!!