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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Games

Who would think a laundry basket would be so entertaining? She actually loved being "trapped"!

Okay, so making dinner and bottles was becoming a real chore so we bought fridge magnets and they have been great! She loves them and will play the whole time while we get things ready! Not bad for $1 at Walmart (she'll love one of her birthday presents...)

Bath time is way more fun now with these sticky/non-sticky letters....she has more fun chewing on them! We also got her tub crayons but she's more interested in trying to eat them than drawing with daddy and I write each other and her messages with them instead!

Daddy's wool socks...the only socks she has not tried to take off (she actually got mad when we took them off!)

Katlynn's First Christmas

We started out the festivities at Grandma Lynn's and Grandpa John's (per tradition) for Katlynn's First Christmas Eve...

G.G. (AKA Great-Grandma)

Addison and Katlynn opening up gifts
This butterfly rocker is so cute...push the shapes on her head and she sings to you!

Katlynn's dress for her first Christmas Eve Mass...thanks Aunt Breeze!
At home on Katlynn's First Christmas Morning...

Then....First Christmas at Mammy and Poppy's.... can I get to that candy?

Maybe Tink will get it for me and noone will notice?

Kisses for Mam

Admiring gifts

Loves this caterpillar and lion!

Daddy helping open gifts

It was a long, fun, First Christmas! Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Katlynn loves giving kisses to anyone but especially Addie
Addison, however, doesn't like least not hundreds of wet, slobbery kisses given with Katy's tongue (she basically licks your face)!

Katlynn may be small but she's mighty. She definitely has her mom's dominant personality and Addie definitely has her mom and dad's laid-back personalities....

"Dad, look at me, I pinned Addie!"

Addison then started to cry...."Get off of me Katlynn!"
I don't blame her.

Nine Month (about two weeks late)/Professional Christmas Pictures

Katy's nine month pictures were about two weeks late as she was sick the day we were supposed to we just did nine month and Christmas pictures together....

Katlynn 9.5 months and Addision 8 months
AddisonAddie's ornery grin

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Katybug the Ladybug...
Poppy and Katlynn at Boo at the Zoo...

Mammy, Poppy, and Katlynn at Boo at the Zoo

Katy the Ninja....before she donned her ladybug attire

Katlynn and Addison...two bugs....Katlynn, ladybugs don't eat other lady bugs!

Grandma, Grandpa and Katlynn