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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Katlynn's First Christmas

We started out the festivities at Grandma Lynn's and Grandpa John's (per tradition) for Katlynn's First Christmas Eve...

G.G. (AKA Great-Grandma)

Addison and Katlynn opening up gifts
This butterfly rocker is so cute...push the shapes on her head and she sings to you!

Katlynn's dress for her first Christmas Eve Mass...thanks Aunt Breeze!
At home on Katlynn's First Christmas Morning...

Then....First Christmas at Mammy and Poppy's.... can I get to that candy?

Maybe Tink will get it for me and noone will notice?

Kisses for Mam

Admiring gifts

Loves this caterpillar and lion!

Daddy helping open gifts

It was a long, fun, First Christmas! Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

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